Sunday 7 January 2018

Sunday: looking back

Good morning, everyone.  It's awful cold outside: clear skies and a heavy frost.  It will be lovely when the sun rises, I think.  Yesterday was a beautiful winter's day here with some bright sunshine and we could feel it getting colder through the day.

It was a good day.  I got washing and ironing done and Beth came round in the afternoon which was really nice as I haven't seen her since Christmas.  She's coming over to dinner on Tuesday which I'm really looking forward to.

I was looking through the last twelve posts and will do one more about them and that's the end, back to normal tomorrow.

She was a grand old bird: I've never been disappointed with them since I started ordering from Paul Kelly's farm.  After sorting it all out post-Christmas dinner, I've had several good meals and there's still two big pots of meat and one of stock for the next few months.  The bird that keeps on giving!

Winter Ware
They have to go away now as they are mostly specifically Christmas themed.  I might keep the Holly and Ivy one out as it's a bit more general and I might look out for a plate with snowflakes or something winter based but not Christmas.

Exercise and energy
This one's really for the future.  I've done a bit but it's been inconsistent for very good reasons.  I'm not going to beat myself up about it, just determine to slot some exercise in when I can.  I'm getting more energetic though - I've been almost running up and down stairs which is most unusual!

Low fat living
It continues!  My hands are less dry now, thanks to that cream, and having milder weather has also helped a lot.

Festive fish
It was very tasty, that sort-of-Kedgeree, and I have planned it in again for next week sometime, except that I will be using smoked basa rather than haddock, something I found in Aldi last week.  I'm glad I tried this one.

Thermal slipper socks
They're lovely and keep my toes toasty warm.  One disadvantage though - I've always been very hard on my shoes anyway and I'm wearing the heels of the current pair very thin.  I'm not sure what I can do about that, if anything.  Maybe I have to restrict wearing just to those colder days when I really need them.  Mostly I go about bare footed indoors when I'm on my own and always in the summer.

Happy and healthy
Keeping up the positivity in tricky times.  That's the way to do it!

I'm glad I gave them away - I'd have scoffed the lot by now if I hadn't and the scales wouldn't have liked that!  Such a shame about my poor self control around nibbly things, isn't it.

Iced imbibing (I think that's the more accurate word)
Continuing and very nice it is too.  I'm drinking more water than I used to which is good and there's still plenty of ice left - those bags are big!
(note: I gather this word refers to alcohol - I'm talking about water, honest!!!)

Grape juice jelly
Now an ongoing part of my repertoire.  Home made jelly is lovely for squidging through your teeth!

I'm keeping it clean, neat and tidy but not minimal.  Note to self - get more candles!

Taking down the Tree, etc.
Not today, I can't start today, but over the next week it will all go.  I shall enjoy the space left and console myself with the fact that there's always next time!  And - any candle holders that are not specifically Christmassy are going to stay out and burn merrily from time to time - the candles in them, I mean!

Have a great day, everyone.  I hope your Twelve Days were good.

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