Monday 29 January 2018


Good morning, everyone.  Wasn't it a pleasant day yesterday.  It was here, anyway.  Not quite wall to wall sunshine but fine and dry and not all that chilly, now when I was energetically gardening anyway.

You will gather from this that I managed to motivate myself to start sorting out the garden.  I braved the worst section first, the far right corner that has the tomatoes in pots and the potatoes in bags and around which had gathered stacks of leaves, seed cases and other general clutter including twigs from next door's lovely birch tree.  I did that in the morning, starting by going through the soil in the potato bags (found about ten more potatoes, very little ones, but enough for a couple of meals) before sorting the rest.

In the afternoon I tackled the herb and foliage bed.  It took longer than I expected and while I was pruning the rosemary, my secateurs came apart in my hand so I didn't get that finished - and won't until I can take a trip to Wyvale or B&Q for a new pair.  I think I might pay a bit more and get a really decent pair as the last two cheaper pairs haven't lasted all that long.  I suppose they do get quite heavy treatment one way and another.
While I was working on that bed, to my delight I noticed that both the chives and the opregano are coming up again.  It won't be long before I can snip a few chives, unless we get another big chill.

So that's two little areas done.  I decided my best bet would be to partition it off and tackle one bit at a time as there's so much to do (small garden but big mess).

Some of the planning is done now, but not all.  No worries, there's not a lot to do!  After the second lot of gardening, I was a bit shattered so I came in, sorted out, sat down and knitted while watching whatever it was on the telly - obviously not all that memorable as I don't remember.

Today I have a friend round for coffee this morning so I have just made some shortbread biscuits, christening my new cookie cutters.  Very pretty they look too.

After that I will be off for Knitter Knatter club and then to do my bit in FS before coming home for tuition.  A busy day so not much time for the garden but I might prune off last year's fuschia branches before this year's start poking through which is about a five minute job and which I should be able to do with the kitchen scissors.

I like busy days - they keep me from nibbling and occupy my brain.  Hope you have a good one too!


  1. those biscuits look very tasty indeed. I also very much liked your beautiful neat and tidy garden, so well designed and obviously easy to look after! Did it take you long to get it like that?

  2. My goodness, you have been busy! We don't venture into the garden until it's warmer than this. Loved the biscuits! What a pretty shaped cutter you have.
    Margaret P

  3. It's very kind of you to say that. It was lovely last summer but I didn't clear up after the autumn and it's a real mess now - all but the two bits I did yesterday. I was going to do a bit more today but it is chucking it down! I moved in in the mid 1980s and it's only recently that I feel satisfied with the layout. Now it's a case of keeping it nice and making small improvements.

    I got the cutters from John Lewis. They had some lovely shapes there but I liked the leaves so much! I thought I might use them when I make biscuits for the next governors' meeting.
    J x