Saturday 13 January 2018


Good morning, everyone.  How are things?  We almost got some sun yesterday but not quite and it remained dull and a bit chilly all day.  Today is probably going to be more of the same.

Yesterday's scan went fine.  It was scheduled for 9:00 and by 9:05 I was on the 'couch' being gunged.  The results were not a surprise.  Yes, I have gallstones, one big one and probably some little ones as well.  He didn't try to hide the screen and was more than happy to explain, briefly, what the grainy images means.  The full results were available yesterday afternoon but I have an appointment near the beginning of February when the doctor will go over everything including what my options are.  Before then I must do some 'research' (i.e. Google it!).

More and more I can understand why people who can go private.  Quite apart from the free - stress free as well as in monetary terms - parking, the environment is smart, polite, friendly and comfortable and everyone is so nice.  OK, if I was a private patient, I guess I would already have those results and wold probably have a good idea of the possible courses of action, but I'm OK about waiting a bit over three weeks, it's no time at all.  I'm not in lots of pain, just uncomfortable from time to time and, while my paracetamol consumption has gone up,  it's only an inconvenience.  Convenience is a biggie for private patients, I expect.

So that's that for now!

I'm doing a spag bol today and I shall try that tip from Tom  Kerridge when he made the single layer lasagne in the first programme which was to roast the mince for forty minutes before adding it to the dish.  It is supposed to impart great flavour.  Someone I know has tried this and said that it really works so fingers crossed.

Well, I'd better get going as time is passing and there are things to do.  Have a great day, whatever you have planned, and stay warm.

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