Thursday 25 January 2018


Good morning, everyone.  Goodness, wasn't it a wild day yesterday.  Wall to wall rain and some very blustery winds at times.  No damage done, thankfully, but a lot of bins were blown down (and left down, sensibly, until things settled a bit) and most playtimes were wet ones.  I was in school when all the Y1s lined up and marched out to play, only to reappear a minute later with disappointed faces - and that was the teachers!  I'm not sure the children minded so much.

It was, as expected, quite a gentle day.  I enjoyed my time in school with Y1, my favourite school year and age.  I enjoyed tuition.  Evening telly turned out more enjoyable than I expected.  It was all good.

Today I have no external commitments until the evening tuition.  I need to finish off the planning for that this morning and then maybe I can blitz a few of the more chaotic areas of my house.  Or maybe I will defer that and be thoroughly lazy!  Decisions, decisions!

It's Burns' Night today.  Well, this evening.  I have a bit of sliced haggis in the freezer, if I can find it before frostbite finds me, so it seems appropriate to do something with it.  It won't exactly be traditional as I have no whisky (horrid stuff) but I'll concoct something and will probably enjoy it very much.
Hopefully . . .

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