Monday 1 January 2018

Monday: The Seventh Day of Christmas

. . . and a very, very Happy and Healthy New Year to us all!

Pure coincidence but, as today's letter is H, I am going to cheat.  H is for Happy and Healthy New Year.  Both take commitment, effort and sheer act of will at times, don't they, they don't just happen?

Happiness  isn't just how you feel when things are going well although that certainly helps.  You can be 'happy' when things are not going so well by doing what Diane did in her blog and looking for the good things around you or being a Pollyanna and playing that 'Glad Game', determining to focus on the good as well as the not so good in your life.  And no, I don't think it is always possible, but making the effort is a mindset that makes a huge difference.

As for Health, don't we take it so much for granted until stuff happens that makes us realise things are not quite and healthy as we thought.  Healthy mind, healthy body.

So what will I do.  Well, I think I do already try to look for the good, the positive, the things I can be glad about and I intend to keep that up.  As for the other - ooops, not so great, but I shall work on it in my own way and at my own pace and maybe I can reach Christmas 2018 in a healthier state than Christmas 2017.

It's worth a try anyway.

T:   Turkey - dealing with the Christmas bird
W:  Winter Ware - using my Christmas plates
E:   Exercise and Energy - start to get moving over the new year
L:   Low-fat Living - the side effects of a very low fat diet
F:   Festive Fish - kedgeree or the like
T:   Thermal slipper socks - warm toes = happy me  

H:   A Happy and Healthy New Year


  1. Here's to healthy and happy hearts xxx

  2. Nice one! I'll drink to that (with something sugar free)
    J x

  3. Happiness and may the new year restore you to good health and thank you for sharing your diary!

  4. You've summed up my approach to 2018 in this post so we'll be making this journey together. I desperately need to lose weight and gain an acceptable level of fitness, and I want to work towards putting the depression behind me by choosing to have a happy and positive approach to everyone and everything in my life.

    I hope you are able to put your health concerns behind you in 2018 and I wish you a happy new year.

    ..may 2018 bring you lots and oodles of happiness, good health, peace and wonderful times!
    You are doing great with your Twelfth - really like reading this.
    Have a lovely day and all the best to everyone reading this blog!

  6. Thank you, Annabeth, for your good wishes and for reading my blog.

    Eileen, I'm happy to journey together. :-)

    Thank you too, Sonja, a happy new year to you too.

    J x

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