Sunday 28 January 2018


Good morning, everyone.  I'm hoping today's weather is better than yesterday afternoon's which was a bit miserable really.  At the moment it seems dry but and BBC weather is optimistic so fingers crossed.

It was good in town yesterday morning.  No, I didn't buy very much but it was fun to look round a few shops.  As I parked in its underground car park, I went to John Lewis first.  They do have a lovely kitchenware department and I succumbed to a set of leaf cookie cutters which was a bit naughty, but I also found a very nice, basic skirt pattern, multi sized, two styles, two lengths (although one can really make it any length one likes, of course).  As I have got back into sewing since I became time rich after retirement and have a small stash of skirt fabric (as opposed to quilting fabric), I will use this pattern quite a lot; in fact, I might even start on something today.  Paper patterns are shockingly dear but choose carefully and treat them gently and they will last for ever.
After that I walked to the high Street, taking in the White Company on the way.  They had a sale advertised but little evidence of one inside, sadly.

Walking past the market stalls, I bought some eggs, drooled longingly over the cheese and the meat and if I had needed to stock up on veg, I would have done, but I don't so I didn't!

Then it was into M&S as I had a small list of things to get - a new bra, some lavender perfume and, an impulse buy, some pjs (washed and worn last night and very comfy they are too).

My last stop off was at Lakeland and I could have spent a fortune but didn't.  How's that for self control.  Then, on the way back to the car, I noticed that a Cotswold shop is opening next month so that means another trip into town in the next four weeks or so.  I always love looking through their catalogues.

As I arrived home, it started raining - how's that for timing?  So instead of doing some more gardening, I did something I've been meaning to do for ages  and - er - tidied away the Christmas tree!  I know, I know, no rude comments, thanks!

Then, after lunch, Beth and Alex came round.  Alex looks very well and is still enjoying uni while Beth and I had what turned out to be a most immature and giggly conversation on the subject of me buying a Wii Fit bundle.  Yes, I had one ages ago but it all got rather battered and I stopped using it so in one of my fits of organisation, handed it on.  Ho hum!

So that was yesterday.  Today I want to get all next week's planning down which won't be as time consuming as it sounds as in most cases there's resources left over from the previous session.  I want to attack the mess in the garden again.  And then maybe I will unpack that pattern and see how it all works.  Alternatively, I will get on with the duvet cover I started last summer and never finished.

Plenty to do today!  You have a good one too.

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