Friday 26 January 2018


Good morning, everybody.  It's Friday - last day of the working week for many.  Do you have a good weekend planned?
Yesterday was a lovely day, weather-wise.  I wish I'd got some washing on early enough to take advantage of the sunshine so today I popped a load in about half an hour ago, early enough to take advantage of the cheaper rate (I hope).  Mind you, what's the betting it will rain now and I will have washing draped over the drying rack in the living room.

I did cook the haggis which I found in the freezer surprisingly easily and with it I made a sauce from some onion, mushroom, creme fraiche and grain mustard with seasonings.  It was tasty!

Apart from the usual housework, it was a lazy day.  I knitted quite a lot and I watched daytime telly, dozing off from time to time.  Today I woke at a much more sensible time (I call 4-30 much more sensible than 3-30!) so shouldn't be so sleepy.

Don't laugh - don't let me hear you laugh anyway - but I dug out my old Rosemary Conley Salsacise DVD and, as part of my 'get-myself-fitter-in-case-I-need-that-gallbladder-operation' project, I have been doing some as many early mornings as I can manage.  Yesterday I was ridiculously pleased to be able to move from the couch potato level of the first section to the slightly more energetic both-feet-occasionally-off-the-ground-together level.  Yay!
However, this is one of the many times I am glad I live on my own.  It's not a pretty sight!

Today I need to get the place tidy for the cleaners, I will have ironing to do, whether or not the weather permits outdoor drying, and I might pop out to do a little bit of shopping at some point as I need milk and a few other bits and bobs.  I'm also going to start the fun of Planning The Route (for my break in the remote outback of North of Cambridge) and looking up about Wimpole Hall and Angelsea Abbey.

Time for coffee no. 2 so I will sign off with the hopes that you have a splendid day full of good things.


  1. Because I've enjoyed reading here so much, and also on your other blog, I've decided to bring my old old blog out of mothballs for now. Thanks for inspiring me Joy! Have a great weekend!

  2. Oh, that's lovely, I'm so pleased. I will return the compliment and follow yours. Is it a blogger one?
    J x