Tuesday, 10 October 2017


Yesterday turned out to be a pretty busy day.

First of all, I got the message that Beth was poorly and wouldn't be able to make it to the allotment.  I wasn't surprised - she seemed unwell on Sunday and got worse as the afternoon went on.  Undaunted, I went down anyway as there's loads of stuff to do that just requires working through steadily - like the ongoing weeding.  The weeds aren't as bad now as the temperature drops and the days shorten, but every weed out is worth the effort, isn't it.

The front patch looks so big now that the remains of the cage have been taken out.  It wasn't too bad at all but I decided to be thorough so I did what we did at the start of the season - forked over a couple of rows and then sat down and went through each bit, breaking any clods and removing any big stones and any root systems.  If we get a hard winter, the frost she work on any other clods and break it all up nicely!  If we don't, I've made a good start anyway!

Encouragingly, there were far fewer 'nasty' roots and stones to be removed that in April.  The worst was where the cage had been which is only to be expected.  The soil crumbled nicely because it was damp and I got well over a third of the area done before my back protested and I decided to be sensible.

I also mowed the grass again, not because it had grown much but because last week it was so long that I had to set the mower on the highest setting.  Unfortunately, the battery ran out before I had finished.  My fault: I forgot to recharge it after last weeks mega-mow.

Anyway, I did two and a half hours of work and then came home. 

In the afternoon, two friends came round for a discussion and then I popped along the road for tuition.

Come the evening I was so tired I went to bed far too early and woke in the middle of the night.  No problems, I just read until sleep returned and didn't re-wake until after six which is great!

Today is more of the same really.  Allotment (just me again but with a recharged battery now), home, housework and preparation/planning, tuition . . . and Bake Off in the evening.

With the washing up all done and a hot coffee beside me, what more could a girl ask for, eh?


  1. Ha, you and me both, re mowing. Not that I forgot to charge the battery but our grass was also quite long and the mower struggled and in the end just gave up and I had to bring out the old electric (hate that csble!!!) Unfortunately, I couldn't move the lever to a higher setting. Don't know why, either not enough strength or the wrong technique, so it all received a very short summer cut!! Never mind,it's done and hope the battery mower is going to be ok next time!

  2. Well done Joy hope Beth is better soon there are a lot of colds doing the rounds

  3. We're a right pair, aren't we, Annabeth. You'd think that after doing it once, I'd remember but I don't! :-)

    Thanks, Diane. Yes, there's stuff going the rounds here as well. I thought I'd caught something last week but it fizzled away to nothingness.

    J x