Tuesday 17 October 2017


I missed yesterday, I know.  So sorry.  Back now.

On to happier things - well, sort of.  I do hope all my readers are safe and sound after the strong winds that have travelled across this part of the world.
In 1987 I totally missed it, slept right through it and looked out of my window with complete and utter amazement the next morning, took the children to school (just round the corner) to find it closed until the afternoon and spent the morning catching up on what had happened.

This time, it's not been too bad here in the south east although we had some very strangely-ominous skies yesterday afternoon followed by one of the most incredible sunset it has been my privilege to capture on my simple little digi-camera.

Good, isn't it?

A strong wind is something I find exhilaration, like high waves, providing I am safe and sheltered.  However, many people had serious difficulties with yesterday's weather and my heart goes out to them.  Schools are closed and there's been a lot of damage further north and to the west.

I popped round to Morrisons yesterday and I was so glad I did.  A while ago they had long cardigans for sale and I bought two of them and have worn them on and off (mostly on) ever since.  They fit, they wash well and they have worn well too.
Yesterday they had the same thing in four new colours at a tenner a go and I bought all four.  That's me set up for ages to come.  So pleased.

Today is planning, housework, sewing and then I'm having a takeaway Chinese round at Beth's.  Should be great!


  1. Great photograph. Enjoy your takeaway. X

  2. Thanks, Jules. I'm looking forward to it very much.
    J x

  3. We struggled with the storm.
    Roads were closed, planes grounded and ferries cancelled for early 48 hours.
    Glad you survived in your area.
    I've been wondering how You and Beth have been faring without Alex around and how he is doing.
    I'm aware that you probably don't want to comment but I just wanted you to know. I'm sure lots of us are wishing you all well.
    It's a big readjustment when kids leave home and not just for them! Sue

  4. That's really kind, Sue, thanks. Al seems to be settling after a few blips and it would be nice to hear from him a bit more, bless him! How fantastic that people are thinking of him and us too.

    You had it rough! I know it was very different in other parts of the country/UK/GB and I'm sorry it was so bad your way. Hopefully we won't get many more like that.
    J x