Friday 6 October 2017


The end of my first week back in routine and all's well.  Yesterday turned out to be a lovely sunny day (so much for me feeling rain was on the way!) and I'm hoping that today is the same because not only is it cheering, it is allotment morning.

My three tuition sessions went well yesterday evening and I have just finished the planning for tonight's single session so that is off my mind! 

That's more or less all the news really.  Boring but uncomplicated today which is a Good Thing.   Allotment, tuition and housework in the gaps.  I have to get the house tidy for the cleaners and I have a load of washing that needs a re-wash before I peg it out because I forgot it yesterday.

But first - coffee and breakfast!  Thank goodness for coffee.


  1. I will second that coffee is necessary!!!!

  2. Hi I looked for an email address to tell you but I wonder if your blog has been compromised but on 3 occasions I have been redirected to a sex site when I have clicked on your comments.

  3. I'm afraid that is an ongoing problem, Chris, I'm really sorry. I've contacted Google and they ignored me. It doesn't happen all the time but it is a right pain.
    Any advice?
    J x