Sunday 29 October 2017


Good morning!  It's another early awaking day here and combined with the clock change it has made for a stupidly early start to the day - not quite half past two!  I shall go back up again at some point, of course, when I turn tired again, but I may as well make the best of the wakeful time.

Did you remember to put the clocks back?  It always marks the end of the warm and the beginning of the cold for me, whether or not the weather itself takes any notice.  From now on the curtains are drawn early to shut out the cold.

Brrr - it hasn't half turned cold.  When I got home yesterday, the first thing I did was turn up the heating.  I've gone soft in my old age maybe but also I have been living in a very warm home for a week or so and the contrast was a bit marked.  One of the pleasures in life is being able to keep comfortably warm after all.
I gather there's a chance of frost over Sunday night/Monday morning.  Well, we will see!

I downloaded onto my Kindle a book that had those wartime leaflets with recipes and I thought I'd have a go at making potato pastry.  Not that it is more frugal nowadays, not with everything going up and potatoes costing more than the equivalent weight in flour but I thought I'd have a go anyway.
The bottom of the pot pie I made had bacon, chicken and veg so definitely not wartime nor Woolton, but it was lovely and it used up more stuff from my freezer so that's all to the good.

I got the recipe here .. .
. . . and I adapted it a bit.  I used SR flour, oil and instant mash and, obviously, reduced the amounts.  OK, I adapted it a lot!
But it was nice.  More like a suet pastry, crisp on the outside and fluffy on the inside.  There's a bit left over which I wrapped up and I will make some sort of tattie scone thing for breakfast later on with a poached egg on top!

Well, I think I will start some planning - that might send me off good and quick!!  Then, later on, more planning, some work in the garden (oh, my poor garden), some bread making and some crafting.  Also, I have to go to the parcels office to pick up a failed delivery.
It's a day for myself and I intend to make the best of it!


  1. Potato pastry is rather good it is a shame we have all but forgotten it.

  2. It was really nice! Definitely one to do again.
    J x