Wednesday 18 October 2017


Good morning, everyone.  Apart from a bit of a 'weird sky/light colour at one point, the weather yesterday was pleasant.  Not too cold but not too hot either - not that I noticed anyway.  It's still mild this morning but the first frost cannot be too far away, can it?

For the first time in ages I woke feeling energetic yesterday so I set to and got all my planning done for the week.  One of the things I rejoiced over when I retired was No More Planning.  Now I have walked voluntarily into more - and it may not be so many children but it needs to be detailed and individual so does take a while.
So now that's off my mind I can enjoy life.  Tuition went well yesterday and, as it's half term, there's none next week.  Maybe I can get ahead with resources.

Beth invited me over for a take away Chinese last night.  Chinese is one of those things I find hard to fake.  I can manage a curry, a pizza and fish and chips is a doddle but not Chinese.  I really enjoyed it and it looked as if there would be plenty of leftovers for today for her and Jane which means no need to cook.  Gotta love the microwave!
Thanks, Beth.  Happy Birthday, Jane.

Over the weekend my order of the Duchess of Duke Street DVDs arrived so I've been watching them at spare moments.  It's as good as I remember it, somewhat formulaic but well done.  Most entertaining and visually attractive.  Today I have a great pile of ironing that absolutely HAS to be done so - perfect!

I also have a very untidy home so guess what the other main task will be today.  Housework is like death and taxes - it can't be escaped!

The morning coffee is made and spelling fragrant so I'd better go and pour myself one.  Have a great day.

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