Sunday 8 October 2017


Good morning and welcome to a lovely, bright, sunny Sunday morning.  Much more promising than yesterday although there is a pinkish tint to the sky so who knows?

Yesterday was, as usual, a good day.

I caught The Duchess of Duke Street and it was as enjoyable as I remembered so I went online to Amazon and splashed some cash on DVDs of the series.  There were some comments and one expressed annoyance about subtitles that wouldn't go away and that sold it to me.  I need subtitles to support my hearing and a lot of these DVDs of older shows don't have subtitles.  Also I couldn't help noticing that, even with accents, articulation was much clearer than it tends to be nowadays.  Win-win for me.

Today I have a pupil coming round at nine o'clock and then Beth will be round for lunch.  We're going to do some work in my garden, potting up some strawberry plants for the allotment and I might get the now dead tomato plants into the brown bin for collection this week.  That would be good as they're looking decidedly unlovely now.

I'm going to have another coffee now and then check over the planning.  Have a good day!


  1. Thanks, Diane. I'm looking forward to it very much. You too!
    J x