Sunday, 1 October 2017


A pinch and a punch
For the first of the month!

There, that's got the formalities over and done with.  I can't say 'white rabbits' because it isn't May, but how about 'red leaves' seeing that the trees are now looking increasingly colourful.  It seems appropriate.

I gather it will be quite windy today but here in the south east, we shouldn't be too troubled.  For those of you further north, I'm hoping it won't be too difficult.

Yesterday I finished the holiday washing AND did the ironing too.  How's that for good housework.  Today I need to check the old bank balance and today or maybe tomorrow I will update the accounts, whap any left over money into savings and start a new sheet for the new month.
I wish!

I do like to know where I am with my finances, more than ever I did when I was working.  Then it was a weekly/fortnightly thing, just to check that things were going OK.  Now I try to do a daily update and feel quite uncomfortable that I haven't checked for a week because of being away.  I know they will be OK as I haven't been using my card much on holiday and I still have some cash left over but even so, it's just the act of checking that I haven't done.
Maybe that sounds weird but it suits me!

Tuition resumes this week too.  It really does feel as if I'm getting my life back again after some upheavals over the last two months.  I'm not a terribly organised person but do feel happier when things are in order so things are looking up again after a fantastic holiday.

Mind you, there are changes.  Alex has gone.  Beth has a job so I will be allotmenteering on my own, which I feel sad about, as it was fun doing it together.  Still, we have this month to get everything into good order for winter and a couple of visits a week to check and deal with any problems should do it!

Have a great start to October!  Back tomorrow.

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