Monday 30 October 2017


Good morning, everyone.  Welcome to the start of a new week.

I've just popped out to the freezer to get today's food in and, oh, my word, it is cold out there.  No frost (I don't think) and not really cold in the wider scheme of things but what a contrast!  I certainly didn't dwardle out there and my toes are still warming up again.

Yesterday turned out very nice in lots of ways.  The biggie for me is that I gritted my teeth and set to planning this week's tuition sessions and I only have one more to do now!  All the resources are made and printed out too.  I'm really pleased as it always niggles at me until it's done.  A clear conscience is a wonderful thing.

At midday I set out to the parcels office which, incidentally, never used to be open on Sundays, to pick up a parcel that came while I was away.  Nothing very exciting, just a few skirts, but I am now all set up for winter.  I tend to dress much the same, just in different colours, never posh but rarely scruffy either, just comfy, easy clothes.  Glamour doesn't get a look in!

Then I settled down and got out my knitting as I have a couple of projects that need to be finished asap and recent events have conspired against me.  While I knitted, I carried on watching the Duchess of Duke Street which I am still enjoying very much.

So I didn't do any washing and I didn't make any bread.  The latter wasn't necessary as I had one loaf in the freezer but I've taken that out now so I must bake today.  The washing isn't urgent either but I don't like it hanging around.

Beth and Jane are coming round for lunch.  It's a sort of belated birthday thing for Beth as I was away last week.  It should be fun.

Well, time flies and I guess I ought to get going.  Bath first and then breakfast!  Back tomorrow!

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