Thursday 5 October 2017


Good morning, everyone.  It's surprisingly mild out there around here, despite the stiff breeze, but it is dull and it feels as if rain is on the way.  Beth's cancelled the allotment session for reasons not weather related so we're going there tomorrow morning instead.  I can't say I am sorry: the aches are retreating but are still there a bit.

Yesterday ended up being quite busy.  I had a quick meeting at school to get out of something I had got into without thinking about it enough (which was OK, thank goodness - in fact, they were unflatteringly quick to agree  😀).  I had the first tuition session for a new student which went really well.  I went to Morrisons for eggs and some printer paper and came home with reduced eggs as well.  I did plenty of planning.  I went to another meeting in the evening which was easy, simple and not too long, thank goodness.  I warmed up my bed (got to love that electric blanket) and slept like a log all night.  I'm waking later again, more between six and seven than between four and five, which is far more civilised.

Today I have time I hadn't planned for which is a real blessing.  I shall use it to get ahead with my tuition planning and I will bake a loaf.

In fact it is all rather lovely right now.  I have a cup of freshly brewed coffee beside me, I have ham and lentil soup bubbling away in Thermione, I have bread to make, the house is warm and fragrant
and the water for the bath is hot.  Simple bliss.  Sheer satisfaction.

And it is Extra Slice on the telly this evening!

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