Wednesday 11 October 2017


This was the allotment in early summer.

And here it is, photo taken yesterday.

Quite a change but over winter it will have chard, kale, leeks and broad beans and we will have planted out the raspberries and the strawberries too.  It may look a bit dead but it won't be, not really.

There's still loads to do, plenty of tidying and neatening as well as getting out the plantlets and sowing the broad beans, covering the areas not in use with tarp and keeping the grass neat.  When it's really cold, the grass doesn't need much attention but when have our winters been really cold recently?

However, I'm not going down there today.  I have parcels to post, a parcel to pick up (why did they try to deliver it when I was in the bath yesterday?), the Lovely Sharon is working her usual magic on my hair and I have to plan, plan, plan.  It might help to tidy out the kitchen as well. 

So I'd better get started, hadn't I?


  1. The allotment looks lovely

  2. I love your allotment. Parcels are always delivered when you are indisposed. X

  3. I think a relationship people are specially trained to deliver when you can't answer the door!

  4. Parcel people * stupid autocorrect

  5. :-) Thanks, Diane. It's definitely getting into shape now and next year should be a lot easier, especially at the beginning.
    Jules and Rachel - I think you are right. They have this scanner that can see through brickwork and wait until you are indisposed in some way before knocking!
    I had another delivery yesterday and asked hopefully whether it was the same one, but it wasn't! Oh, well.
    J x