Thursday 12 October 2017


Good morning, all.  It looks brighter outside today and we might even get some sun, you never know.

Yesterday I managed to get the parcel posted but didn't pick up the Tuesday delivery so that's top of the agenda for today as soon as the milk run has died down.
It was one of those days where I felt busy all day but didn't seem to get much done.  Quite frustrating really.

So - today will be busier.  There's washing and ironing, planning (always planning - anyone would think I was still at school!), cooking, bit of gardening - a normal day, in fact.  Nothing exciting, just a string of normal things.

I'm looking around me and the little piles of clutter are starting to build up again.  I have accepted that it's just me and I am unlikely to change after all these decades and so many attempts.  The strategy is just to deal with it all now and again and I can feel myself working up to this.  It won't be this week but maybe early next week or over half term (no planning over half term).

Did you see Eat Well for Less yesterday?  I'm going to have a go and an adapted version of the Spanish fish stew today but using what I have in rather than getting the set ingredients.  Should be nice, I think.

Well, the coffee is smelling fragrant so it must be nearly made and then it is bath and get dressed.  I hope everyone has a good day. 


  1. I quite like the Eat well for less programme for the recipes which are usually simple, affordable and healthy. I particularly liked the look of the fish stew. Would love to know how yours turns out. X

  2. Thanks, ladies! Jules, I will post about it!
    J x