Tuesday 31 October 2017


The normal entry!

Good morning, everyone.  The last day of October today and it's been a weird old month one way and another!  Hallowe'en strikes and I'd better get on with my annual poster.  I don't 'do' Hallowe'en but there are lots of children I know locally from school so I always make and put up a poster on the front door saying, in effect, no T or T but enjoy yourselves and stay safe.  It always works and in all the time I've been here I have had just one egg on the door - and that wasn't kids from the school!

You can really tell the difference with the clock change.  This morning I went to the freezer in half light rather than darkness and yesterday I walked home from tuition in the almost dark.  In a couple of sessions it really will be dark and I will be wrapped up in coat and scarf, I expect!

Yesterday's birthday lunch didn't come off because of illness, which is a shame but couldn't be helped.  I got on with my knitting instead! 

Today I am doing some shopping for a friend, carrying on with the washing (there was more than I thought) and - guess what - knitting!  The nice thing about knitting - one of the nice things, anyway - is that I can watch telly or iPlayer as I do so.  Somehow it grows much faster when my mind is on the screen and, fortunately, it's not a tricky pattern so my mind can be half elsewhere. And then this evening I have a couple of tuition sessions, all being well.

So now it's time for my second coffee before I start the day.


  1. I dislike Hallowe'en as a whole, Hallowe'en Strictly is my least favourite week, just can't see what the attraction is.

    I'm with you on the T or T and usually display a poster printed out from the local Police website. Of course, it's more difficult for you as so many children know you but it's great to hear that they respect your wishes.

  2. I agree with you about Strictly. All that dressing up, gore, scars, etc detract from the dancing, I find. This year the one I enjoyed most was Ruth and Anton. No silly costume, just a hint of a very old TV programme.

    I was always concerned that if 'Mrs Clark does Trick or Treat' got around, I would be inundated. Down the cul de sac, there's a tradition - ff the doorstep is decorated, you're fair game - and prepared!
    J x