Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Tuesday: these are a few of my favourite things . . .

Remember the song?

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens
Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens . . .

I was reading this article in a blog all about simple living and it set me thinking about my own life.  I've been fortunate really.  Despite all the ups and downs, and there have been loads of them, I am in a position where I have choices of what I do, where I go, how much I want to fill my life with 'things'.

So . . . these are a few (just a few) of my favourite things.  Not favourite people - that's quite a different matter.

1.  A hot bath
I love my bathroom and I love my corner bath.  It is sad in a way that I am being sensible and thinking of converting it into a wet room next year.  I'm wearing my 'preparing for the future' hat and I realise that a wet room will be way more accessible than a bath or even a shower that you have to step into and step out of, all wet and slippery.  It may allow me to be independent in my own home that much longer which would be good.
But I do love my bath so, for now, I am using it with the utmost appreciation.

2.  Knitting
I like crafting in general, as you might have noticed, but since I was quite a little girl, knitting has been a specific pleasure.  I learnt by watching my Mum so there's some very fond memories lurking in the background, aren't there?
I'm just entering the knitting season.  In the summer months it's a bit too warm and my hands get all sweaty and uncomfortable but when the weather chills, it keeps my hands warm and agile.

3.  My Thermomix.  Nothing more to be said really, is there?

What are your favourite things?


  1. ...this is lovely - it's good to stop and think about favourite things. Your corner bath sounds wonderful, must be such a treat.
    After reading your entry, I was thinking...
    There are so many wonderful things, but my favourites are being by the sea, watching the waves and listening - walking along the sand...
    Being with loved ones is right up there, too, of course.
    Christmas! So love this...
    Goodness, there are so many things...
    Have a lovely day.
    Sonja xxxx

  2. Very difficult to choose so many things I love. I suppose cooking and knitting must be up there but then there are books and shoes, music and chocolate where does the list end?

  3. Apologies for replying so late. We are so fortunate to find it so difficult to choose, aren't we?
    J x