Monday 2 October 2017


Good morning.  It looks quite nice out there.  It's obviously been raining but is dry now and there's a bit of a breeze but nothing as bad as we were predicted.  Fine by me.

I'm driving home from my parents in a short while, back to a home that has been well cared for and which will be clean and tidy.  Cheers!  I'm not so confident about the garden - it needs it's pre-winter beauty treatment and is unlikely to get it today!  I think I need to do the 'half an hour a day' thing - that should get it sorted within the week as it's not a large space.

Frugally, I need to get myself back in line again.  That means using what I have in as much as possible and that means finding out what's lurking at the back of cupboards and in the bottom of the freezers.  That means spending some time inventorising as time is in short supply this week so it's on the list for the weekend.

Well, I had better get myself out of bed, wash, dress and pack.  Coffee will have to wait!


  1. Sounds as though everything is well in your world. I am back into hospital for another op. so my world is not exactly ok, but I am hoping and praying everything will turn out fine. BTW my name is Chris not Sue!!

  2. Eeek, sorry. Also sorry about the health thing. Very much hoping all goes well and please do let me know. Praying too.

    (actually, things are pretty difficult here too, but it's not fair to talk about others in a blog without their specific permission, which I don't have. A few prayers for my 'loved ones' would be great).