Tuesday, 25 August 2015


. . . and wasn't it a terrible day yesterday.  I haven't seen rain like that for quite a long time.  When I went into the sports centre to swim it had just started and by the time I came out, my goodness, the whole car park was totally awash.  It was almost like getting into the pool again to splash my way to the car.  OK, slight exaggeration, but you get the idea.
It carried on, on and off, all day and, while we don't flood around here, I am sure that parts of town had problems.

Today looks as if it might be better but there's some rain forecast, even so.  Right now it is dry and clear and I am sure the sun will be shining soon.

Swimming was good.  Beth and I ploughed up and down, up and down, and eventually reached thirty length which was our target.  We decided to carry on a bit more and made forty which we were pretty happy about.  We were both very tired afterwards though!
I worked it out and 30 lengths is just about 1K, if you count the sideways swim to change lanes
40 lengths is 1.32K.   Not bad when you've only just restarted.
It should help the weight loss too.
I looked up some more numbers.  A mile is 1.61K and would take 50 lengths - that would be what we used to call an 'old fashioned mile'.   I guess that is something to aim for but maybe not quite yet!

Once home I got on with dealing with more of those plums and now have some jars of plum chutney to add to all the others.  I have no idea how that's going to taste as it needs to mature for about six months or so but it can't be bad, not with all that goodness in it.  I needed to buy some apples for the chutney but Morrison's doesn't have scales and I got way too many so now I have apples to use up.  I could just stew and freeze them and I might do that but there's a lot of jams with apple.  Apple and rhubarb or apple and cranberry sounds nice and I have all the ingredients.  I shall have to think.

As for the remaining plums, for now I will halve and stone them and open freeze them.  Then they will be there for desserts as and when needed.

That's about it for yesterday.  Today I have a dear friend coming for a good chat and am so looking forward to it.  No swimming, there won't be time.  However, there's a fair old lot of tidying up to do to make the living room fit to be seen so I need to get going!

Breakfast:  Toast and jam, melon
Lunch:  soup and bread, fruit
Dinner:  As I am making some bread today, I think I might attempt to calzonify some of that savoury mince and have it with salad.

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