Thursday, 20 August 2015


It's a biggie today, gentle readers.  Today the GCSE results are out and Alex will be going into school to pick them up.  I'm really very nervous for him.  It's been a considerable journey from special school to mainstream and he has worked his socks off and more.  As Beth says, we are totally proud of him anyway but it would be great if his hard work was rewarded with some A - C grades.

So, given that, if I write anything silly, you will please forgive me.  Normal service will be resumed . . . etc.

Yesterday was good.  Beth and I used our membership for the first time and went swimming.  We were hoping to go early but when we got there we found that all the inflatables were out and it was kids only.  Good start!
We went home and went back later.

It's been a while since I went swimming.  When I was a member of Cannons I went several times a week and it was great.  Swimming is fantastic exercise, very supportive and safe.  Now I'm no speed swimmer, quite the opposite, but I used to be able to keep going for a while so I was very pleased to manage 20 lengths yesterday, chugging up and down in the swimming lane with others who, fortunately, were just as slow as Beth and I were.

I intend to go again in a little while, to the Early Bird session which is just lanes.  Beth says there are three lanes for different speeds and I know which one I will be in!

Yesterday morning I made a tomato soup which was really very tasty.  With sandwiches, it was just what we needed when we came home feeling hungry.  And what's good is that there's some left over for today.  Swimming does make one feel so hungry afterwards, doesn't it?

Normally when I make bread, I use little 1lb loaf tins which are just the right size for me.  Today I want to try making some 'freeform' round loaves, the kind you can cut into wedges to have with soup.  I think the dough will hold its shape OK.  Fingers crossed anyway.

Today's food:
Breakfast: tomatoes on toast
Lunch:  tomato soup with bread, yogurt or apple
Dinner:  lasagne, side salad, yogurt or fruit

Very tomato-ey but I do have plenty of them!


  1. Tomatoes are a superfood - you'll be soon powering up and down those length lanes!! Good luck Alex, I remember the angst well!!

  2. I am very, very proud of him and quite emotional about it all at the moment. :-)
    J x

  3. Fingers crossed for the results today!

  4. :-) I will blog about them tomorrow!
    J x