Monday, 10 August 2015


Good morning, Gentle Readers.  After another lovely night's sleep it's another bright, sunny morning, very calm and gentle.  I'm hoping for another lovely day like yesterday.

Yesterday was a day of ups and downs.  I started off by taking a trip to Wyvale and decided that I would stop off at Aldi, which is on the way.  When I got to Aldi the car park was full so, after driving round in vain, I came out and went on to Wyvale.  There I got some things but, stupid me, forgot to get the tomato food which was one of the main reasons for going.  A bit of a pain really as the tomatoes are behaving wonderfully and could do with a good feed.

On the way back I tried Aldi again and this time found a space.  I didn't have a long list but it included things like washing powder and washing up liquid so quite important!  I'm now nicely stocked up!

Once home, I put the ham on to boil (and very tasty it was too; those small joints from Aldi are delicious) and then tried to burn the kitchen down!  I accidentally turned on a hob that had a wooden tray over it and it was the smell of burning that took me back into the kitchen.  It was just starting to smoke so the smoke alarm hadn't sounded.  All was well except for some jam jar lids and the tray itself.  I'm not happy as it was my favourite tray but part of it is really scorched and has turned brittle.  Serves me right for putting it on the hob really!  I ought to get out of that habit before there's a real fire!

After lunch I went out into the garden and contemplated the tomatoes for a while and realised that they must be an orange variety, not a red variety as I had thought.  I picked one and tried it and it was beautifully sweet and warm from the sun.  You see, I didn't grow them, my dad gave me the plants, so I don't know what they are.  They could be sungold as he has grown them in the past and likes them very much but when I asked he couldn't remember which packet of seeds he used.
Photo borrowed from Google with thanks.  Guess what I'm having for lunch today!

On the knitting front, I finished the little waistcoat and made a cute little hat.  I will show some photos once I can get the PC to recognise the camera.  I looked in my old patterns and found a likely looking jumper, so I think that's the next one to do.  It's nice to have something to occupy the old hands when I am sitting down and my wrist has been much better since I started knitting - gentle exercise, I suppose.  Shame I can't knit with my toe!!

I don't have any definite plans for today yet so I'd better think of some or the day will have gone before I realise it.  I will do a bit of gardening (weeds coming up between the slabs) and I think Seth is coming to get on with the changes to the front.  There's still a cupboard to finish sorting out and I want to do some rearranging in the kitchen too.  Better get going then!  Coffee and breakfast first though!

What are your plans for the day?

Breakfast:  toast and jam, melon, apple juice
Lunch:  corn on the cob, ham and tomato salad.
Dinner:  same as yesterday, a sort of stir fry (which ended up with a sweet and sour sauce) with orzo.  I know it's a cross culture mix but, you know, pasta - noodles - they come almost from the same stable really.  Anyway, it was delicious yesterday and I was glad there are leftovers for today.  Then fruit or yogurt.


  1. Morning! It's Bin day here. It's also raining again - but I bought three new purple/blue plants yesterday - will blog later - so I'll be out potting them in! My friend is calling after ten so I'm going to just potter gently till then!

  2. Morning to you! We seem to be getting the best of the weather down here in the 'sarfeast'. What plants did you buy?
    Have a happy potter. I am. :-0
    J x