Friday 21 August 2015


Good morning, everyone.  It's another slightly dull but starting to brighten morning, not so early today as I was very lazy and read in bed for a while before getting up and very nice it was too.

The biggies from yesterday is, of course, Al's GCSE results.  He did great.  He got all grades A* to C, no grades below that and he is set fair for 6th form and A levels.
The amazing thing is that this time three years ago he had done none of the national curriculum for most of the subjects he studied.  In fact, he went down a year when he started mainstream so that he could do a year's study before having to decide on his GCSEs.
The biggest worry was English.  It's a crucial one to get (alongside maths) and as he has a communication disorder (he was virtually non-verbal when he started school) it was never going to be easy.  He was predicted an E which then went up to a D.  A D would have been amazing.  The put him in for both English exams, the general one and Literature (which surprised us a bit but there you go . . .).and he not only got B for English, he also went and got C for literature.  Fantastic!

I went to the Early Bird swimming which was more crowded than I expected.  As Beth had said, there were three lanes and I was pleased that I wasn't the slowest in the slow lane although neither was I the fastest!  I just trundled up and back, up and back for an hour and felt marvellous afterwards!

Just after I got back, Beth and Al came round with Al's results which was lovely of them because they couldn't stay for long.

The rest of the day was spent in ironing, snoozing, reading and generally being extremely lazy.  Outside, the builders were much more hard working, getting on with the work at the front which is almost finished now.

Today is swimming again (I need to get value out of this membership!) and then I'm meeting up with a friend for a good chat and an early dinner.

Today's food
Tricky because of the dinner but I think it will pan out like this.
Breakfast:  Toast and jam/marmalade, strawberries and yogurt
Lunch:  apple and peach
Dinner:  not sure but it will be a smaller plate meal, as always.  There's a huge choice now but I think it will be something chickeny or maybe the mini cheeseburger which was delicious last time I had it.


  1. The Boy's done good!!! Well done Alex and congratulations(and to Mum and Grandma too as I expect there was some teamwork going on in the background..)
    Time to celebrate!

  2. Amazing results - congratulations to Alex and all the family. That must have taken so much work and dedication, he really is an impressive young man. You & Beth must must be over the moon!

  3. Many congrats for exam results it is always a huge relief for all concerned

  4. Thanks, Chrissie and Annabeth. Yes, we are so very proud of Alex and celebrations are the order of the day!
    (Chrissie, your comment appeared three times so I deleted two of them!)
    J x

  5. Thanks, Diane. You're right, it really is a huge relief and very encouraging.
    J x

  6. Many congratulations to Alex - those are fantastic results in anyone's book!

  7. Thank you. Yes, I'm so pleased.
    J x