Friday 28 August 2015


Late again, so sorry.  That's because I was up late (comparatively), sort of decided not to go swimming, then decided I wanted to so I did!  I'm trying to train myself to stay up later of an evening (and succeeding) but it means those very early starts are not happening and I'm not ready to arrive at the pool for a half past six start.

Still, it was worth going.  I had an hour's swim and did 40 lengths.

It's gorgeously sunny here with lovely fluffy little clouds in the sky.  Fingers crossed it stays like that - I hope so anyway!  Yesterday was a rather dismal day with yet more rain and although it cleared up later, it didn't feel particularly warm, even so.

I finally managed to pop round to a friend's to give her the pressies I have knitted and, thank goodness, she liked them.  That was a relief - it is always a bit of a risk and it's not as if she could take them back to the shop, is it?

Today is hair day.  Lovely Sharon is round this afternoon to chop and dry my hair into submission so I shall ignore the slightly choriney pong wafting around and wash my hair just before she arrives!  before then I have bread to make and minced beef to cook, not to mention a lunchtime soup to create.  Butter bean and veg, I think.

Better stop yattering and get going then, hadn't I?

Breakfast.  Yogurt and apple
Lunch:  soup and bread.
Dinner:  Not sure but it will be based on the savoury mince, probably with pasta.  Simple and delicious


  1. You are really impressing me with all this swimming! I've always been rubbish in the water - more like controlled drowning than actual swimming - and I've always wanted to change that, but it's hard to get motivated when you're sinking and exhausted so quickly! It would take me months to swim 40 lengths. Months!

  2. I've always loved being in the water, even as a child. Someone as big as me hasn't a chance of sinking!
    If you really want to start, just swim half the length until you are just out of your depth and then back again. That would be perfectly safe. You would get better.
    It really is brilliant exercise.
    J x