Wednesday 19 August 2015


To start with, here's the knitting I have been working on.  Not perfect but they look OK and, I am sure, will be an acceptable gift for a very special little person.  They're all wrapped up now, ready to deliver. and I have started son something for another friend but not for a new arrival this time..

Well, good morning!  What a horrible, wet day it was yesterday.  It started raining in the morning and didn't stop until late afternoon.  Not good for blight but actually very good for giving the bed a good watering.  Today looks more promising - for a start the clouds are high and broken so fingers crossed for a nicer day.

I've just pootled out to look at the garden, as one does (!) and counted four runner beans that could be picked now but I think I will schedule them in for Saturday's dinner, maybe with some fish.  Delicious!

My culinary-ego took a bashing yesterday.  I was going out to coffee with a friend and said I would bring cake.  So I set to and made something I have made without any problems many, many times, a basic sponge cake.  I don't know what happened but it was a bit of a disaster.  It did rise, but then the middle fell a bit, it was hard to get out of the tin, it was rough around the edges and some of the middle stayed in the tin!  Oh, dear.  However, with a bit of slicing bits off and some canny placement of butter icing, use of a jar of home made raspberry jam asnd a good sprinkling of icing sugar over the top, it was OK, looking a bit ragged but, thankfully, tasting good.  Everyone ate their slice with relish anyway!

When I got home I really didn't want any lunch as the cake had filled the corners, so I made cheese on toast for Beth and just had a coffee.  And then I went to sleep for a while which compensated for the early awakening!

I'm rather hoping we are going swimming this morning but am waiting to get confirmation from Beth.  I need to fill my time well as I'm getting more than a bit nervous about tomorrow when Al's GCSE results come out.  I don't remember feeling at all nervous when my GCE results were due although I suspect Mum and Dad did all the worrying for me, bless them.  I wasn't even worried about A levels as I only had to get one pass to get into Southlands College of Education and I knew I'd passed music quite well.  I was very edgy for Beth and Dave and this is another real biggie.  Fingers crossed (not that that will do any good, will it?).

I'd better get going then.  Breakfast and coffee and then the kitchen needs a bit of a sort out.  I hope your day goes well, wherever you are.

Today's food
Breakfast:  Toast and marmalade, apple
Lunch:  Must use up the corned beef, so corned beef sandwich and some soup (probably tomato, certainly home made), yogurt
Dinner:  Corned beef hash (then it will all be finished off) with peas.  Fruit or yogurt

For corned beef hash, I am doing more or less what this says.  Fry onion, add cooked potato and chopped corned beef and fry, dash of savoury sauce and Bob's your uncle!  Traditionally it is served with baked beans but I think I prefer peas today.  Quick, reasonably frugal and dead easy!  It's a bit of a comfort food for me as Mum used to make it fairly regularly and it was a favourite with us children.
I guess you could use other left over veg too, not just potato.


  1. Love the knitting - I am plodding on with the hairy cardigan which is horrid to knit but I am getting there.

  2. I find hairy wool very hard to manage. You're very brave to take on such a project!
    J x

  3. Gorgeous set for the little person! Will be lovely warm and snuggly!

  4. That's the idea! Thanks, Annabeth.
    J x

  5. The little knits are adorable. And you are SO quick! I'd still be on the back!

  6. :-) See, I sit a lot and watch rubbish telly over the summer, especially in the evenings!
    They do look cute - I'm hoping my friend likes them.
    J x