Tuesday, 18 August 2015


Runner bean flowers are very attractive.  One can see why the Elizabethans used them as flowers rather than vegetables.

I'm feeling a bit bleary eyed this morning.  For a while I have been waking up later than usual.  Yesterday was just before seven which is a real lie in for me.  Today - four thirty, which is a pain.  Wide awake with no chance of getting back to sleep.  Now it's hitting me but I'm not sure about going back up for another kip.

Anyway - yesterday.  Beth came round, I turned all culinary and made a batch of loaves for her and also some French onion marmalade for myself.  It smelt lovely as it was cooking although the house smelt less fragrant for the rest of the day but the proof of the pudding is in the eating and it said leave it at least two weeks, even better, two months.  I will let you know!

In the afternoon we did something we have been planning to do for ages and that was to join our local leisure centre.  We've both gone for the swimming membership.  You see, for ages Beth and I have looked forward to being able to go swimming together again.  We both love the water and it was such a delight when I belonged to a health club and used their pool several times a week.  This is really good - membership comes with free parking and use of the classes, if I want.  Beth says that during the term the pool is lovely and empty earlier in the morning and we plan to meet and swim twice a week for sure, perhaps more.

I could have got use of the pool free (my age, you know!) but that wouldn't come with free parking and I suspect that it would end up costing more, depending on how often I go and how long I stay.  I shall monitor it for six months and see.

Anyway, that was yesterday's biggie.  Now we have to make use of it!

Today I am seeing a friend and taking cake!  That means I have to make one - maybe that's why I woke early.  Apart from that, the day's my own.  Lovely!

Breakfast:  toast and jam/marmalade
Lunch: corned beef and salad
Dinner:  pork and apple burger with salad.

Rather a lot of salad and rather a lot of corned beef at the moment.  Thats one of the problems with feeding just oneself - things have to be used up!


  1. Morning! I hate that zombie feeling when you wake early, stay awake then sleep again! Just go to
    Bed earlier! Onion marmalade is lush isn't it? I've never made it myself. Might have a go!

  2. It's very easy, it just takes time, like all chutneys. And slicing the onions can be a bit eye watering!
    J x