Thursday 13 August 2015


. . . and welcome to a very dull and gloomy early morning.  It's not raining (yet) and I don't think we had any storms overnight but the forecast is not very promising.  Not, I suspect, a day for drying washing on the line!
I read that it was supposed to be a very humid night.  Not here it wasn't - under the quilt all night long, I was, and very cosy it was too.

Beth and I had quite a frustrating day yesterday.  There were fitting problems with what  we are making and we learnt a few lessons as we battled our way through.  Nevertheless we got there, even though we were mentally quite tired by the end of the session.

Today it is more of the same and, as Beth said, it's good that we're doing this together, to share knowledge and skill.
Apart from that I have to do some clearing/tidying as its the cleaning girls tomorrow and I want to give them a clear run at things.

But first I need to load up Thermione with ingredients for granary bread as Beth needs some for the weekend.  And I think the coffee is ready as well - the aroma is calling to me.

Enjoy your day, whatever the weather.

Breakfast:  Toast and jam, apple
Lunch:  Strawberries and yogurt, melon
Dinner:  Bolognaise pasta bake, yogurt and apricot sauce

This pair is often to be seen - er - frolicking away together on my garden fence.  I have more explicit evidence . . .

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