Wednesday 26 August 2015


A very good morning to you all.
I was right about the weather for once yesterday.  It was dry and bright, the sun did come out and I got two loads of washing out and dried before the rain started.  After that it was a dead loss and I was glad I didn't have to go out.

Right now it is wet and windy and cold - so cold that my heating has clicked on.  I turned it down as soon as I realised but really - in August!  I'm back to being very glad to snuggle under my quilt again.

No swimming yesterday and I was glad of the rest.  Today I'm hoping to go but when depends of Beth really.  I have found a site that tells you roughly how many calories you are burning.  You input the minutes and up pops an encouraging number!  I reckon a bit of a pinch of salt is required because it seems an awful lot, but every little helps, as the ad tells us.

A dear friend come round for coffee in the morning.  It was lovely to see her again and to catch up on things.  When she had gone I gathered two pots of preserves and two loaves, fresh made, and took them round to V in thanks for the plums.  The last of them have now been de-stoned and frozen separately before bagging so I can take out however many I want.

I'm still umming and ahing about what to make with the apples of which I bought too many.  However, when I was bagging the plums in the freezer, I noticed a container of unsweetened raspberry puree that ought to be used up so it is now thawing and I think I will add the same amount of stewed apple puree and make raspberry and apple jam.  That would use up probably two of them anyway.  I'll probably stew the lot in fact and what I don't use for the jam I will sweeten and freeze for a crumble - plum and apple, maybe - that sounds nice, doesn't it?  I have visitors next week and it will make a good dessert, especially if it stays cold.

Well, I need to get started or I will waste time.  Kitchen, apples, breakfast, bath and get dressed, in that order.  By then I should know when swimming is going to happen and can organise the rest of my day!

Breakfast:  Toast and jam, fruit
Lunch:  Soup, bread, apple or pear
Dinner:  Summer chicken, runner beans (I think there's enough to pick), fruit


  1. I'm quite sad I didn't buy any of the cheap cherries on sale near Stonehenge, to make jam with when I got home but I really think I might have broke the car! There was absolutely no room left!

  2. :-) Cherry jam is delicious too.
    J x