Tuesday, 4 August 2015


Good morning and welcome to another fine day!  At the moment it looks just like yesterday morning - bright and sunny.  Maybe it will stay that way today: yesterday clouded over and, while it didn't actually rain until the evening, the afternoon was very dull.

The workman came to paint the new fencing yesterday.  Great to get it done (or half done anyway) but a bit frustrating as I had a load of bedding I wanted to peg out but didn't because he needed that space to work in.  As I've said before, it isn't a big garden.  When he left I quickly pegged it all out and unpegged it immediately as it started to rain!  Such a pain!

In the morning I made some mini bread rolls to go with the mini burgers I planned to have for dinner.  They came out very well and the burgers were delicious with just some fried onion and a side salad.  I had two more split and toasted for breakfast and that leaves two for the freezer for another time.  I think I will freeze them with two mini-burgers (separately wrapped) as they will go together to make a meal.

At midday Beth came round and we started making things.  Bunting, Christmas stockings, Christmas pram and cradle covers - all sorts.  More about that later, if it all works out.

In the afternoon I had a delivery.  I had ordered a laundry basket with retractable legs from Lakeland.  Mum has one and it certainly does save on the bending down as one hangs out the washing, etc.  When I opened it, one of the pairs of legs didn't retract.  It was OK when they were down but one pair didn't stay 'up properly.  Disappointing.  So I shot off an email to Lakeland as I know their customer service is outstandingly good and within two hours I had a reply with an aology and saying that they would be sending a replacement asap.  A good thing was that I did not need to return the faulty item.  No quibbles, no questions.  I was very impressed.

Today I plan to shop at some point and Beth will be round to get on with more sewing.  Should be good.

Today's food:
Breakfast:  two mini rolls, toasted, with jam, yogurt
Lunch:  Beans on toast, fruit
Dinner:  meatballs in tomato sauce with pasta, yogurt and fruit


  1. Lakeland are just the best for customer service.

  2. They really are. I've never been less than totally satisfied in all the long years I have shopped with them. We're so lucky to have a Lakeland shop in town too!
    J x