Saturday, 15 August 2015


Good morning!  Again, it is cool, damp, a bit windy but not raining - yet.  You know, I'd be useless as a weather prophet.  Yesterday I said there's be no sun and guess what - the clouds started clearing and out came the sun later on.  Not for long, I admit, but definitely shining for a while.  So I'm saying nothing about today but am thankful that the furthest I have to go out is into the garden.

Talking of the garden, I'm picking tomatoes every day now and there are loads of baby runner beans that I reckon I will start picking next Thursday or Friday.  The kind I have is self pollinating so I don't need to worry about any lack of pollinating insects - well, I do, but not in a personal way!

Yesterday ended up sort of busy in a not busy way.  At last work has started on the front bit I am having done so there was a lot of digging and pounding and banging and general noise.  Also it was cleaning day and the 'girls' (who aren't girls at all at the moment) turned up bang on 1:00 to get going and work their magic.  I decided to make myself scarce and get out of their way so I popped out to B&Q to get a few bits and bobs including that tomato food!  While there, as always, I had a wee look around the flowers.  They had some much reduced and somewhat bedraggled plants so I took a look and came away with a sad looking penstemon that I think I can nurse back to health.  It's sitting in the kitchen as I type, looking a fair bit happier and sending out a flower to say 'thank you'.  They die right back each year, it says on the label, and I reckon if I can keep it going until it does back, it should come up fit and well come spring time.

So now I think I have everything I need to replace the crocosmia when I dig them out.  Four medium heighted, pastelly coloured perennials for the middle of what really is a small flower bed.  The crocosmia will go to Beth and some will go into a pot for a bit of corner colour.

On the way back from B&Q I popped into Aldi for a few bits and bobs.  It was pretty packed but people seem to keep moving quite well and the comparatively small car park (I was very lucky to get a space) keeps the numbers reasonable.  Anyway, I went to see what their super six was and I was delighted to see that it was all salad veg and really great value - iceberg lettuce, cucumber, mini tomatoes, radishes, beetroot and spring onions, all at 29p.  Can't complain at that!.  Salads are now on the menu all week.  I got a couple of bags of onions too because I want to make some more onion marmalade.  Yummy onion marmalade!

By the time I got home the cleaners and the workman had finished and gone and peace had been restored.  I put things away and then sat down in my clean home to do some knitting, having finished the ironing in the morning.  And that was the day really.

Today I am hoping Eddie will come over to start setting up the new PC with all the trimmings.  Fingers crossed.  There should be no problems but I don't trust modern technology so if I disappear in a puff of smoke you will know why!  This means that I really do have to sort out the top shelf of the cupboard so that I have all the discs ready for him, if they are needed.

That, alongside the washing, etc, and making a batch of bread and a batch of yogurt should keep me going for most of the day one way and another.

Breakfast:  toast and jam/marmalade, melon slices, a yogurt
Lunch:  egg salad, fruit or yogurt
Dinner:  roast chicken leg, new potatoes, salad, fruit or yogurt


  1. I can't wait to see your knitting too! Mines not finished due to me being out ALL DAY!

  2. ALL DAY???? My goodness! ALL day???? What is the world coming to?

    J x