Thursday 27 August 2015


Good morning, everyone.  Sorry this is a bit later than usual - I had rather a slow start to the day and then remembered I needed to get all the rubbish out for the bin men, so I had to bath and dress - well, I didn't HAVE to but I wanted to.  All done now!

Yesterday was another wet day, as I am sure you don't need telling.  Chilly too, for August, definitely a night under the quilt.  I gather things are due to cheer up and that Bank Holiday Monday will be lovely.  I do hope so: these last few weeks haven't been wonderful for the children who have been stuck inside due to the teeming rain.  Even in the olden days, when I were a lass, Mum wouldn't let us go out in rain like that.  Too much hassle with wet clothes and footwear afterwards!

We went swimming again yesterday, as planned, and I managed 26 lengths.  I'm jolly weary today so won't be swimming but tomorrow I will and, hopefully, Saturday and Sunday.  Next week I have guests so might not be able to fit much else in.  After that it is term time again and I can go gleefully!

What else did I do yesterday?  Er - well, I knitted.  I made pots of what I thought were raspberry and apple jam before I sniffed, tasted and checked the label on the pot in which the berries were frozen.  Blackberries, not raspberries!  So I now have some pots of blackberry and apple jam.  Not loads, just some.
I know it sounds as if I am building up a supply of loads of preserves and yes, I am, but some of them will be presents for friends and family so not really too many at all.

Today is a day to myself and I shall seize the opportunity to continue with some clearing out.  Once the bin man has been I will have an empty bin for the real rubbish that cannot be reused in any way.  Hopefully, some of the stuff can be given to the local charity shop and I might have a go at selling some on the local selling page.

I'm also going to make several batches of bread, some for me, some for Beth and some for next week, to be frozen until needed.  Again, I don't think I will have all that much time next week as we are hoping to go a-visiting (weather permitting) from time to time.  I also need to plan meals so there's no almighty rush.

I have very optimistically hung yesterdays swimming stuff (cossie and two towels) out on the washing line.  We will see, won't we.  Fingers crossed.

And finally, I'm off out to Aldi at some point  to get some stuff in for next week.  I'm not so impressed with their super six this time - or rather, to be fair, it's not all what I want to buy this time.  However, I do need some more wholemeal flour and their medium eggs are larger than Morrison's medium eggs and often cheaper too so I may as well make the journey and do my main shop there.

Today's food
Breakfast:  Toast and jam, fruit
Lunch:  Tomato and veg soup, bread, fruit or yogurt
Dinner:  Two mini beefburgers (from Aldi) with something I found on Facebook, an old recipe called carrot and cheese bake.  I will let you know if it's OK and will post the recipe.

Do any of my gentle readers remember this recipe/dish?  Interestingly, it is all written in imperial and I am now so used to metric that I couldn't visualise how much it would make.  I had to convert to metric (thanking my stars for Google) to get a sense of whether I needed to halve or quarter the ingredients.
Thank goodness for the Internet!

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