Tuesday, 11 August 2015


Taken in Dad's garden last week
Good morning!  I don't know what it's like round your way but here it is dull and quite cool this morning and I've just shut the French windows.  Checking with the Beeb, it doesn't predict rain so fingers crossed.  Mind you, as always, the garden could do with a good downpour so either way it's a win.

Well, I am proud to announce that the washing/ironing remains up to date.  I can't remember the last time it was like this for more than just a few days!  It should stay like this too from now on with just the occasional blip.

I did pick the first tomatoes yesterday, as expected, and had them with a salad for lunch.  They were delicious!  It is always lovely, picking the first fruit and I have enough for this evening (not loads but enough) and also to give a few to Beth too.  There are still red ones to use up - not a patch on the others but nice enough and certainly not for wasting!

I started the next knitting project and yes, it's definitely more of a challenge.  It's double knitting but the stitch is Aran so until I 'got' the pattern it was slow work but now I know what it's all about it is moving faster.  I think it will be very nice and certainly good and warm although I am concerned about the sleeves which I think might be too 'chunky' for a little one.  I might do plain sleeves or just have the central pattern running up the middle - I will think about it anyway!

Regular readers might remember that last week I had a go as making apricot jam in Thermione.  It wasn't a total success in that the set was very, very soft although the flavour was wonderful.  Yesterday I had some with home made yogurt and you know what - it was absolutely gorgeous.  So that's desserts sorted for a while!

Today Beth is round and we're doing crafty things.  Looking forward to it.

And finally - food.
Breakfast:  toast and jam, apple.
Lunch:  not sure
Dinner:  ham salad, fruit, yogurt


  1. Morning! My washer is going already with bedding, so I will have ironing later on to do! I'm cracking on with my crafty makes as I've not done a TA dahhh for ages!!

  2. Morning! No washing for me today because there's not enough but plenty of crafting, I hope.
    I LOVE the summer holidays!
    J x

  3. Toast........ Oh toast... How can you tell me that toast is rubbish then torture me by eating it for breakfast??? And I bet it's your lovely homemade bread too... (envious sobbing)

  4. Ooops - sorreee. Trying to be helpful there. And yes, it is my own bread, wholemeal/granary, which, of course, is far from rubbish! :-)
    Is it the gluten that causes the problems?
    J x