Saturday 6 June 2015


No power suppy problems overnight, thank goodness.  So sorry about not appearing much yesterday but with everything out yesterday morning it wasn't possible.  The power went off at some point before one thirty (I know because I woke to go to the loo then), came back on very briefly at around 7:20, then again a few minutes later but neither time did it stay on.  I went to school hoping and it was OK at school, thank goodness.  It would be hard to teach as planned without power as so much now depends on ICT things to support the teaching.  Not a bad think of itself but it makes us vulnerable to failures.  However, I gather we are on the same 'system' as Morrisons over the road which makes it very unlikely that power will go.

Thursday was an OK day.  The weather was glorious - not too hot and not too cold, not too windy and not too still.  A perfect summer's day, in fact.
Yesterday was less pleasant.  Therre was some storming early morning and it was hot and terribly humid all day.  Not nice for us or for the children.  This morning is much nicer.  It's cooler again and the sun is shining brightly so fingers crossed for a great day!  However, everything else was fine.

Look what I found yesterday after school.

Yes, I ate it and it was gorgeous.  There's a couple more nearly ready too!

This weekend is wall to wall work, sadly.  I hope yours is easier!  :-)


  1. Nothing like a an English strawberry eaten warm from the sun!!!!

  2. . . . unless it's another one! :-)
    J x