Tuesday 24 February 2015


Good morning, everyone.  It felt cold again overnight but it isn't frosty and iPod says it is above freezing, so that's all to the good, isn't it?  I know there's been snow in places but not a hint of any flakage here.  We did have a few short, sharp rain showers yesterday but nothing too daunting.

Yesterday was back to school day and it was nice to see the children again, although by the evening I was desperately tired.  It doesn't take much to wear me out nowadays, I find.  Getting old, that's what!

Today there is a governor's meeting at six and as muggins here offered to represent the staff on the governing body for a short time, I have to go.  Sensibly, it starts at six, so I can stay and work and then go straight to the meeting.  When I did the same thing years ago the meetings used to start at seven or maybe it was even seven thirty, which meant going home and turning out again.  Painful!

The mornings and evenings are rapidly getting brighter now and Spring is sprunging for all it is worth in the garden.  Yesterday morning before school I popped out and took a few photos and here they are.

Pretty little snowdrop

Mini-daffs.  These are about 10 cms tall

A splash of colour.

The leeks are still alive . . .

. . . as are the two broccoli plants and the strawberry runners have rooted well.

Well, it is nearly five and I need to get going with the review of today's lessons.  See you tomorrow!


  1. Pretty! :o) Lovely to see the signs of spring - I noticed there were some crocuses about in your area, too. :o)
    Have a good day and best of luck with the meeting.

  2. There are, although I don't have any in the garden, sadly.
    J x

  3. You are ahead of us, our snowdrops have white heads but the flowers are not open. The crocus began with yellows and now the richer coloured purple ones have appeared. Jx

  4. It has been milder in the South East all through this winter. We've hardly had any snow, for example. And my garden is quite protected. It must make a difference.
    J x