Thursday 12 February 2015


Only two more days until half term.  Rarely have I felt more in need of a break - we are all utterly weary after this half term.  Waiting for OFSTED to pounce is very stressful!

On to nicer things - the weather.  Dull (cloudy, anyway) and chilly but not freezing.  Typical, in fact, for the time of year!  I was glad I had my dressing gown on when I went out to the garage just now!

Yesterday was a long day but an OK day really.  I managed to stay up although not necessarily 100% awake until after a very funny Comic Relief Bake Off which resulted in a much more sensible waking time of 4 o'clock this morning which was a huge relief.  I'm hoping it is enough to ensure that I manage to stay awake for the farewell get together at the Flyer this evening.  I was originally going to just stay for a drink or two but I've just decided to stay for a meal as well.  The keema I got out of the freezer for this evening can wait until tomorrow's lunch.  It can't wait for dinner because S, M and I are having a Chinese takeaway!  Can't wait for that!

Today is a teach-all-day day which is what it's all about!  Maths, English, some comprehension and geography in the afternoon!  And Take Your PE Bags Home-time at the end of the day!  Hope the weather stays fine so they can go out to play!

I'm looking forward to toast and marmalade for breakfast.  I haven't had that for several days now and I dearly love it!  Lunch is tomato soup, also home made, and then I hope to be able to keep going until dinner which will be about 8:00-ish, maybe a bit later.

But first, there's coffee!
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  1. Hooray for Half Term! Hope you manage to make the most of it. Jx

  2. I'm so looking forward to tomorrow evening! :-)

  3. You've earned a break, I hope you really enjoy it and feel totally refreshed! (and thanks for letting me know I'm not the only one worried and freaked out by the congealed fat debacle)

  4. I can tell you one thing - I've never, ever done that again! :-) Once is enough for anyone!
    J x

  5. We are so looking forward to (what is now) this evening - wonderful food and wonderful company, what more could one ask! :o)
    Have a lovely last day-of-term.:o)

  6. It was lovely, wasn't it?
    J x