Thursday 19 February 2015


Wasn't yesterday a glorious day?  Wall to wall sunshine and quite mild at times.  Morning and evening were both very chilly, mind you.  Brrrrr.
According to iPod, it's going to be dull and increasingly damp today, perhaps with some strong wind to help it all along.  A shame after two lovely sunny days but there you go!

Beth came over for lunch and I was able to use up several pots of my home made tomato soup, made with last year's wonderful tomato crop.  It's a gorgeous soup and the fresh bread we had with it was pretty delicious too.  I ought to make some more at some point, although it won't be quite as lovely made with tinned tomatoes as it is made with fresh, just picked ones.

After that Beth and I went to Hobbycraft (Wot, again?  Yes, again!) and from then I popped along to Argos to get some bathroom scales.  I have some, I tidied them up a while ago now and do you think I can find them?  No, I can't.  I got fed up and bought a reasonably priced set.  So no excuses now!  Actually, after using them, I am quite surprised (in a good way) but there's a very long way to go yet!

And what's the betting the old ones will turn up now, eh?

I've been unpicking the waistband of a skirt.  The elastic had almost totally 'gone' and the skirt kept threatening to fall down.  Not a good idea really!  It was not home made so there was an awful lot of overlocking to undo but it's now all tacked up, ready to stitch later on today before threading through the elastic.  Then I can wear it again.  I didn't sew it last night as the cotton is black and that's hard on the old eyes.

Yesterday was half way through the half term break.  It's all downhill from now on, unfortunately.  And to celebrate, it feels as if a cold is landing.  Just what I need.  I took meds last night which helped quite a lot and feel OK this morning, so fingers crossed.

Well, the bread dough is rising (I hope), the porridge is waiting to be cooked and there's a lovely day ahead of me with just one sad thing - S and M are on their way today.  I know I will miss them very much.


  1. Poor love, so sorry to hear that a cold is on the way - what a shame!
    Yes, we will both miss you very much indeed - it's been so lovely here with you. :o)
    Have a lovely day.

  2. And you, my dear. Save driving and hoping there are no hold ups on the road.
    J x