Wednesday 25 February 2015


So here we are, almost half way through the working week already.  It's certainly nowhere near freezing although the skies are clear and starry and I'm now quite looking forward to the time when I can come down without a dressing gown and feel comfortable and warm.

Yesterday was a long and busy day.  Not quite twelve hours of school but almost.  Quite hectic for much of the time, one way or another too.  One thing stands out particularly.

We are doing problem solving this week.  Primary teachers will know what I mean.  The kind of thing where they have to find all the possibles and show a systematic, methodical approach to working it out.  Yesterday it was monkeys and nuts.  Three monkeys, twenty five nuts, shared out so that each monkey had an odd number of nuts and no monkey had the same number of nuts!  Yeah, I know, but there you go!

Well, for a start they found it very hard to accept that those poor monkeys were not going to have the same number of nuts each.  It wasn't necessarily even going to be close.  That was just NOT FAIR!  Slowly we worked our way through, finding all the different ways.  So last night, after getting home with not enough unwinding time before I fell asleep, my dreams were haunted by those darn monkeys arguing over their nuts!

(don't laugh!)

And no, they're not old enough for the sort of joke that immediately came to my mind when I first read the problem - or not old enough to mention it during the lesson anyway.  Maybe I am just rude!

Today is playing cards and totals.  Please think of me!

As some of you who look at my other blog might have noticed, when cooking I am now using frozen mixed peppers rather than fresh ones.  At £1.00 for 500g I thought they were good value, better than fresh, but I'd never tested this.  So yesterday I bought a pack of 3 peppers for 99p which is pretty good value really.  When I got home I popped them straight on the scales and they weighed just a fraction over 500g.  That means once the core and stalk has been removed they will be significantly under that weight so I was right.  Frozen is the frugal way to go in cooking, fresh is for salads!

Today's meals are porridge, beans on toast for lunch and then a reheated Chinese takeaway for dinner.  I shall need a bit of a treat after staff meeting and this is one from the freezer, left over from a previous indulgence.  I have noticed that I'm getting short of soups so I will have to stock up again, soups being a mainstay of my school lunches.  Fortunately they are dead easy!

Wednesday is the interesting day of the week with Reading Revelry and violins (it is not library week this week) in the morning and the PPA in the afternoon.  I enjoy Wednesdays.


  1. The problem-solving sounds like great fun - nice of the childre to be concerned about it being unfair on the monkeys! I think that's lovely. :o)
    Good luck with the cards and totals today - it must be interesting to see how the children work these things out - useful exercises, I should think.
    Have a lovley Wednesday. :o)

  2. Highly stressful for teacher though!
    J x

  3. Commiserations (hugs) these folk that come up with such ideas have most probably never had to do it for real (sigh). Jx

  4. We're old enough for rude jokes about monkeys and nuts... If it would help you to get them out of your system :-)

  5. We're old enough for rude jokes about monkeys and nuts... If it would help you to get them out of your system :-)

  6. Absolutely right, Joan, I'm sure some of them don't.
    < grin x