Sunday 22 February 2015


Good morning again!
It felt like a jolly cold night.  I went to bed early feeling chilly and shivered until I dug out the extra cover and popped it over the duvet.  Even so, it took a while to warm up (or it felt like a while) but really helped as, when I woke in the night, I was comfortably warm.
There's a fairly hard frost right now, so I guess that's why.  IPod tells me it is below freezing - well, what a surprise!!!

Yesterday was interesting.  The car had its service, I popped into school, realised the bay wasn't as messy as I had thought it was and came home again.  Oh the commitment.  Actually, I was yet again thankful for the hard work last summer holiday when I went right through all my cupboards, sorting everything out and throwing away piles and piles of historic stuff.

I had thawed out some sausages so, with one, I made stuffing for Al and me today and with the other three I made meatballs in a tomato sauce.  The two portions they made will go back into the freezer, but I had used three containers of sauce and the sausages, so I don't feel guilty about that.  Both those are now only one step away from being eaten!

I did a bit more sorting out the chest freezer.  Now too much because it was jolly cold, but a bit.  It's looking a bit less messy and a bit more organised in places now although it's going to take some time before it's the way I would like it.  I keep unearthing packets of frozen meat which will all be used when Beth and I have our mammoth cook-in over the Easter break.  The way it is going, we won't need to buy very much meat at all which is all to the good.

Today is Sunday and I'm doing a roast chicken dinner.  Chicken with stuffing, roasties, runner beans and sprouts, etc.  No dessert but there is fruit if wanted.  The chicken is currently soaking in brine and as the oven will be on for the roasties, I will use that for the chicken as well rather than Handy Andy (the halogen oven).

I'm making some more bread for Beth today so I'd better get the process started.  Also I feel the need for coffee . . .
Have a good day and stay warm.  I hope any coastal readers haven't been troubled by this very high tide that was supposed to happen.


  1. Replaced the chest freezer with an upright frost-free one. Much easier to find everything and no de-frosting to do! Jx

  2. I have two, an upright and a chest, but neither is frost free and I could never justify buying new ones just for that! Maybe if one broke . . .
    J x