Friday, 27 February 2015


This is getting perfectly ridiculous.  Awake at half past two, wide awake, no possible chance of getting back to sleep.  By the time the children come in I will have been awake for over six hours.  Small wonder I am utterly worn out come the evenings.  But what to do about it?  I don't know.  Perhaps if I didn't have so much on my mind, maybe?   My eating has all gone to pot too and I am sure that's mostly down to tiredness.

Anyway, enough whinging, sorry for that.  It's much colder again this morning and there's a frost on the car.  Just when one thought it was getting milder and more spring-like too.  The forecast is OK though.  No rain, plenty of sun.  That's good considering it is outside games today!

Yesterday was OK, I guess.  The tangram maths was great with the extra thrill of using the laptops.  There was a meeting after school to discuss this, that and the other which went well.

Well, I'd better make breakfast, I suppose.  Given how I am feeling, it can be bacon sandwiches.  Comfort food extrordinaire!  And maybe REAL coffee!  With caffeine.  Aren't I the little rebel this morning!!!


  1. Not a rebel at all, Joy - tiredness is a major trigger for needing comfort food, it is for me and I completely understand. So sorry that you have such a lot on your mind and are not sleeping well - awful for you.
    Take great care!

  2. Thanks, Soja. I'll manage. I didn't rebell that much. I didn't have the bread and I didn't have the caffeine in the end. I will save that in case I am in danger of falling asleep in class - which is likely to result in instant dismissal!! :-)
    J x

  3. Well done you for not going over the top - good idea to keep the caffeine for later.
    Hope it won't be too stressful for you today. .

  4. Hope you aren't too shattered, I had the same problem and I've drunk so much coffee.... Coddle yourself a bit, you deserve it xxx

  5. I've been quite good actually but alcohol calleth for the evening!