Friday 6 February 2015


We had snow yesterday.  Real proper snow bracketed fore and aft by rain/sleet.  It looked OK for a time but was too wet to last, didn't settle and after a while the sun came out and it was all lovely!  Bit cold for those doing outdoor games, mind you . . .  It's getting a bit milder now, even though there's a frost at the moment, so I'm hoping it won't be too bad this afternoon for our games lesson.

I'm trying to think of anything out of the ordinary about the rest of yesterday and can't.  It was all lessons, more lessons, a few playtimes and finishing off with lessons.  Just a bog-standard day really.  Ah, there's one thing.  Lovely Sharon comes to do Beth and my hair after school.  That means I can't hang around at school so will get home earlier.  Excellent.  I always feel better after a hair do!

Maybe today will be more exciting.  You never know, do you?

I've woken stupidly early - even stupid for me, that is.  Before three is still the middle of the night.  I shall pay for it later on so thank goodness it is Friday and I don't have to work this evening.  As always, it is Things On The Mind!

Thinking ahead, I am a bit torn.  I have a stack of recipes I want to try out, mostly involving what I already have in cupboard or freezer, but at the same time I need to use up the frozen ready meals I already have.  Most of the recipes are for four so that would mean one to eat and three to freeze.  I like cooking and it's a Saturday thing for me.  I suppose I would be using up freezer things and I do have a stack of meat that needs using up in some way or other so perhaps I can justify it in that way.  Decisions, decisions!

But soon it's porridge with fruit, orange juice and coffee and very nice too!  Then it is soup and a muffin I dug up from freezer depths yesterday evening for lunch and then it's lentil bake for dinner, an all in one that will just need heating up.

Right, well seeing as I have this extra time this morning, I'd better get on and look at today's lessons and get things sorted.  I hope the days goes well for us all.


  1. Nice dilemma with the food and the recipes really, isn't it. Sounds like you are in for a lovely weekend cooking and trying things out.
    Great, too, that you are both having your hair done - it really is a good feeling and your hairdresser does such a great job, too.
    I sympathise with the waking up early - I was awake just after 1am with lots of things on my mind and, after trying to get to sleep. gave up in the end. Still, as you say, one does get loads done and it is such a wonderful time of the day. :o)
    Have a wonderful day! :o)

  2. I smiled when I saw this. For everyone else, Sonja is sitting the other end of the living room from me.
    It's very much a first world problem, isn't it? Even having a choice makes me very lucky - in fact, even having enough!
    Sorry you have slept badly.
    J x