Wednesday 18 February 2015


It feels a bit cold but I can't be bothered to look out right now.  I have the holiday-idleness!  Just checked iPod which tells me it is minus 1 so I guess it is cold and frosty.

Yesterday was gorgeous.  Wall to wall sunshine and warm enough not to need to wear a coat for the brief time I was outside.

Lunch with N was great.  We went to the Hare and I had a mini burger (taller than it was across and most delicious) with some coleslaw and a few chips.  Just the right amount.  I followed it up with one scoop of caramel ice cream and felt very satisfied indeed.  We talked and talked and talked about all sorts of things.

I played with the new toy again, of course.  I made the first skirt, a very easy pattern with just four pieces and an elasticated waist.  I can't wear it yet as it's very thin cotton, but it will be great for the summer.  I also stitched together some squares to make a little quilt for a friend who has just had a baby girl.  Now I HAVE to learn how to quilt, don't I?  I can't go any further with that until I have the backing fabric and some wadding - oh, and it appears you can get 'invisible' thread so I must look out for that too.  I think I feel another Hobbycraft visit coming on.  I wonder if Beth would fancy coming with me today.

The sewing machine came with just four bobbins.  Now, I know from past experience that four is nowhere near enough, especially if you are like me and have several projects on the go at once.  I Googled, found a shop and looked.  It was most confusing as there seem to be so many bobbins of different kinds around.  Again, from past experience, I know that Husqvarna does not use the conventional sized bobbins so I emailed to ask.  Very quickly an answer popped through, excellent service I thought, and I have now ordered 20 bobbins which should keep us going for years to come!

I took a few photos of the owl fabric.  Apologies for the angle but when I tried to take it straight down I cast a shadow!
Each owl is about 2.5 cms high.  Very cute!

It's getting light now (before seven - Spring must be on her way) and I can see that, yes, there is a frost!  I think I need a coffee to warm me up!


  1. Yes, there really had been a beautiful frost - the field looked lovely all frosted over. :o)
    Lovely fabric that and you are right, the children will love it, too.
    It is a lovely clear night with the stars shining brightly so I expect there will have been another frost. I'll look out later.
    Have a wonderful day. :o)
    S. xxx