Saturday 7 February 2015


Yay - it's Saturday!  A fairly cold and frosty Saturday at the moment but, if it is anything like the past few days, the frost will be gone as the sun comes up.  It's not too cold inside anyway.

Lots of plans for today.
The bread is on.
The minced steak has thawed overnight.
The ironing basket is full.
The flapjack recipe has been printed out.
I have a sewing machine!!!!!

School yesterday was OK.  Outdoor games was OK - bit cold but OK.  I whizzed home after school because lovely Sharon the Hairdresser was due to arrive.  Beth was already there and she'd brought over our new shared toy - the sewing machine.  It is a Husqvarna Viking (have I already mentioned that?) and she showed huge restraint in not unpacking it before I got there.

It looks lovely and, from a quick glance at the manual, seems to be very like my old Husqvarna but more updated.  I shall have a wee go with it today so tomorrow I can show Beth how to wind the bobbin, thread the machine, etc.  There's loads and loads of accessories and, somewhat unexpectedly, there was also a bundle of other bits and bobs attached.  We're presuming it's a sort of freebie because we didn't order it but it included things like a bobbin case, three pairs of scissors, fifty (yes, fifty) spools of different coloured thread (probably not the best quality, but even so), extra bobbins, and all sorts of other bits and bobs.  Very exciting!
I need to dig into my cupboard to see what sort of fabric I have so I can do some practising before deciding on a project.  I'm not sure what I can make first - something not too big.  Maybe a shopping bag or something of that kind.  Google, here I come.
I'm so looking forward to sewing again after so many years.  I used to enjoy it so very much and there are some great patterns around now.  Must find a few online communities.

As far as the mince is concerned, I have four packs of 440g.  I'm thinking of making a sort of keema curry, some con carne, of course, and some just savoury mince for all sorts of things.  That will give me enough variety.  I can start the lot off together in a big pan, browning off the mince, and then portion it out.  The house should smell good anyway!

Having looked up some keema recipes, I note that I need garam masala, something I have finished off and have ordered on line.  Never mind, I shall find a recipe for it.  I have plenty of spices so I'm sure I can put something together that is vaguely garam masala-ish.  That's another new thing for me.

According to my meal planner I am having beans on toast for breakfast, soup for lunch and frozen take away for dinner.  No, it won't be frozen when I eat it, don't be daft!  It's just that when I order a takeaway, in order to have a half reasonable selection I order way too much so what I don't eat gets frozen in single portion containers for another time.  It works well and makes a takeaway treat far less un-frugal.

Sorry, I seem to have waffled on for quite a long time this morning.  I'd better shut up now and get breakfast while the dough is rising!
Have a good day!


  1. I used to enjoy sewing but hated having to clear everything up so we could use the dining table. It must be wonderful if you can dedicate a room to sewing so you can just leave things and get on with another job.

  2. I'd love that. However, I will have to put up with moving everything around from time to time! :-)
    J x

  3. I once knew someone with one of those all singing all dancing machines. Amazing things! Made me remember learning on a hand model and then the treadle. Happy me spending sewing lessons using the treadle. Jx

  4. Was it one of those old black and gold singers? I learnt on one of those too. Mum made me use the handle until she was sure I had the idea, then she connected the treadle. Later she said she didn't know why she bothered with the handle part first because you're more in control with two hands and the treadle wasn't that fast anyway. I'm very grateful that she took the time to teach me.
    The all singing-dancing machines sound wonderful but I doubt I would get the use from them really.
    J x

  5. Yes, I think most school needlework depts had them I struggled with the hand machine, but the treadle was a dream to use. No risk of it running away on me and risking speared fingers. Jx