Tuesday 10 February 2015


Remember I said no car to scrape yesterday.  well, I was wrong - it was frozen water, not frost.  The thermometer said 1 degree but it was cold enough to melt water.  Fortunately it didn't take long to clear and today it feels a little warmer and therefore not likely to freeze.  There was fog in the night but that seems to have cleared too.

I was up very early (just before three) and came down because I've a fair amount of work to do that I had no energy for last night.  Marking, preparation, and so on.  I'm working my way through it all fairly well, which is a relief, and don't feel at all weary.  Fingers crossed I will still feel energetic at around six o'clock this morning and even more so, this afternoon, which is when tiredness has a habit of landing.  I'm quite looking forward to my afternoon snoozes during half term!

Yesterday was OK.  It's the last week of the half term so there's a fair amount of tidying up and finishing off to do, so every minute will be allocated to something.  Four more days to go!

Well, seeing as I came down early, I'd better get on with things, hadn't I?  But first, I need a coffee.  Fancy being down for nearly an hour and a half and not making coffee.  While I'm there I can sort out lunch and dinner so I may be gone some time!

Have a great day!

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