Saturday 21 February 2015


Good morning and welcome to the weekend!  At the moment it is pretty cold with a frost on the roofs and the cars but I doubt it will last much beyond dawn.

Yesterday was marked by a few interesting things.  First of all I googled a bit for proportions and then 'created' a mini-quiche recipe.  There's a reason for that which I will go into at some point in the future.  It's pretty frugal and rather tasty so I have posted about it in Teacher's Recipes, here.  What really made my day was that I have little pots that are just the right size for putting them into before freezing which will keep each little quiche safe and unbattered.  One think I love about them is that one is perfect as a main meal with a salad and fries or new potatoes but also as a school lunch with carrot batons and tomatoes!  I'm glad I worked on this recipe - it is not original (can quiche recipes ever be original nowadays?) but isn't directly adapted from another one.

Then I went shopping and not only found quite a lot of what I had on my list on special but also a huge big bag of 'general purpose' spuds for £2.  Of course, I am sharing them with Beth.  She's taken a goodly pile home with her.

When I got home, Beth had arrived and after lunch (a very tasty spiced lentil soup, four pots out of the freezer) she helped me take down the Christmas tree.  Yes, you read that right, but there was a very good reason for keeping it up - wasn't there, Sonja?  It's now all away and things are back to what passes for normal.

After she had gone I set to and made some of Jack Monroe's carrot, cumin and kidney bean burgers, using some kidney beans I had in the freezer.  So now I have a selection of meals in the freezer for Beth when she comes for lunch.  I also moved some more stuff round so the upright freezer is now fuller again but there are some definite gaps in the chest freezer.  I'm getting there, slowly but surely.  At the moment I am taking out more than I am putting in which is the main thing.  Also, everything that goes into the upright freezer is a home cooked 'ready meal' and is recorded on a list.  So much more organised!  Since Beth had some of the ready meals, she has found the same thing and we have decided that come the Easter holidays we are going to get together to produce a whole stack of meals to stock up our freezers, and continue to do this on a regular basis.  Should be good!

Oh, and I made some more bread because I won't have time this morning.  The car goes in for its 1000 mile service (more like just under 200 miles in actual fact, but never mind).  It's only a short service and I shall take a book to read.  They do quite nice coffee there so I won't be lacking refreshment.

That's about it really.  I've treated myself to a pot of 'real' coffee this morning and it smells as if it is about ready to pour so I'd better go and do so!  Have a wonderful day, one and all.


  1. It was a beautiful tree with such lovely deocrations and pretty lights - it was lovely of you to leave it up for us, we both enjoyed it so much. :o) Sorry it had to go, but I do, of course, understand why. :o)
    Have a lovely day - the food all sounds wonderful and what a good idea for you and Beth to have a mammoth cooking session over the Easter break.
    Have a lovely Sunday.

  2. :-)
    Thanks, Sonja. It looks bare without it!
    J x