Monday 16 February 2015


Here I am at 7:38 (according to my PC), still in my bed things, having spent the last four hours (yes, I woke at idiotic o'clock yet again) at the sewing machine, making up a jelly roll into a bed cover that looks a heck of a lot more clever that it really is.  My back aches but it was worth it.  Given that it is just sewing long, straight seams, I am ridiculously proud of it.  I won't be wadding and quilting it (give it time and maybe one day . . . !), but I will, obviously, be framing it with a plain fabric and then backing it so that I can use it on one of the beds in the guest room.

It's dull and gloomy out there, just escaping a slight mist.  Perhaps the sun will break through later.  I hope so - it will be nice for the children to have a sunny day during their half term.

Yesterday was an industrious day.  Morning was lazier, spent preparing and cooking what turned out to be a pretty traditional Sunday roast:  slow roast beef, roast spuds, Yorkshires, broccoli and runner beans from the garden - from the freezer really - and gravy, followed by bread and butter pudding that I made with the fruit loaf I accidentally defrosted the other day.  It was all highly scrummy and there was precious little left!  Oh, and I made three loaves of bread too, for Beth and Alex.

In the afternoon Beth and  I set to and continued with her sock cats, we on the sewing machine and her taking the tacking out and turning the bits the right way out.  It took a while but we got there!

Then we both trundled down the the shed and sorted out some of the food for Beth to take home and use.  That should keep Alex going for - ooooh, perhaps a week!

After the very early start this morning, I have things on today's list.  I have to go to Hobbycraft (oh, the hardship) to get some bits and bobs and I am off round to Carly's for lunch, something I am very much looking forward to.  Sonja and Milli come back here at some point too, which is lovely.

Well, it's nearly eight and I need to get going if I want to fit everything in.  Have a super day, one and all.