Tuesday 3 February 2015


Brrrrr - it has felt a very cold night, extra-cover-on-the-bed cold in fact.  No snow as far as I can tell but I'm staying in bed until things warm up a bit.  Thank goodness for laptops!

I have a couple of friends staying with me again.  It's very nice to know that there are others under the same roof.  They arrived yesterday and are around for a few weeks.  Welcome, S and M!

Yesterday felt like a long day but I had totally forgotten that it was my fortnightly hour of PPA in the afternoon.  That was great because it enabled me to get all the maths marking done so I didn't have to take it home to do.  Today is swimming which reduces opportunity to load myself up with more marking.  Yay!!!

I'm doing OK with the frugal push!  Spaces are gradually appearing in the upright freezer as I use up the ready mades (home made, of course), both mains and soups.  There's still a way to go but I'd like to be in a position where I can properly defrost the main freezer over the Easter holiday, having already defrosted the upright one earlier.  Then I can have the fun of stocking up again.

I made a curry sauce over the weekend and realised that many of my spices are old and lacking in ooomph now.  I have some Morrisons vouchers so I'm going to use them, or some of them, to replace some spices.  It seems a waste but they're not doing the job any more.  Actually, thinking about it, I might look online first!  The vouchers won't go to waste, that's for sure.

Well, it's feeling a little warmer now so I may as well stir my lazy bones and go downstairs.  I need coffee!!!  I've quite enjoyed staying in bed to work though.  I might start a habit . . .


  1. What a great idea to stay warm and cosy in bed and have the laptop with you - it certainly is chilly this morning, but I'm happy - you know me. :o)
    Have a lovely day. S.xxx

  2. :-) Yes, I know you (looks around corner of living room)
    J x