Monday 9 February 2015


No frost again!  That doesn't mean it's not cold, of course, it is, but it does mean no scraping of car windows!

I normally get between twenty and forty readers (usually nearer to 20 than 40)each day - I think it's called 'hits', isn't it? - according to the gizmo on my page.  So I wonder what there  was about Saturday to send the number up to 80!  It makes me nervous when that happens although the chances are it's someone who has stumbled across the blog and has back-read a bit.  Anyway whoever(s) you are, welcome and I hope you enjoyed the read.

Yesterday was a little less active than Saturday.  Though I said it myself, I cooked a mean lunch for me and Beth (Al didn't come) and there's enough veg left over for today.

I made beany crumble for Beth and it was good (she said) so I shall be posting the recipes in two parts.  I decided that as I seem to have run out of beany mix and it is so useful to have some in the f ridge for when Beth comes over, I'd make a batch and ditto for the crumble topping which, for once, I remembered to weigh out as I made it.  So the freezer now has four portions of beany mix and five of crumble topping (it made seven but Beth had one yesterday and I shall be having one today).

Then we started on the sewing machine.  Beth is making some sock cats for people so I sorted out the bobbin winding, threading, etc, and helped by sewing up some bodies, heads and tails.  They are very cute and I wonder if I can find something via Google to show you . . . yes, here you go.
And here's a picture.
Borrowed from Google
Cute, aren't they?

Today is the usual Monday.  Never mind, five more days and it is half term.  Excellent.


  1. Very cute indeed - love it!

  2. Beth's making one for me to use as a pincushion!
    J x

  3. Hahaha mine are not that cute. That is a very well made one indeed lol