Thursday 26 February 2015


Welcome to another milder morning here.  No frost, no chill in the air.  Cold, yes, after all it is February still, but no need for extra covers, heating up or even slippers!

Yesterday was a fairly stressful and emotional day so by the time I left school after a (thankfully) shortened staff meeting I headed straight for the comfort food in Morrisons and ruined my healthy eating for the week!!!

Ah, well, one day is one day and today is another day, etc.

I was so worn out that I went to bed at seven intending to read and unwind but went to sleep with the light on.  Apart from a wake up with rather uncomfortable cramp in one foot, I slept jolly well, waking very early, of course.  I'm now paying for the binge with a slightly muggy head and churny tum, but nothing too bad, probably less than I deserve.

The trouble with letting go like that is that one then continues to feel hungry so I will have a battle on my hands today.  I'm sure it is an emotional hunger, not a 'real' one.

Actually, thinking about it, there were some good bits yesterday.  The maths was fun, as was the science, for example.  The children were, as always, delightful.  I'm very fond of my class.

So, on to today.  Another mathematical problem solving activity.  This time it is all about tangrams which is a bit different!  I must remember to grab the laptops when I get into school.

Well, I'd better look through the planning and get things ready - after all, I didn't really have the opportunity yesterday evening!

Have a great day!


  1. So sorry to hear that yesterday was a stressful and emotional day, but am glad to hear there were some bright spots, too.
    Very wise of you to go to bed early and I hope you feel at least a little bit better.
    Yes, I do the 'emotional' eating thing, too, as do so many - I try to just accept that I needed it and make sure I don't continue doing it, if you see what I mean. It is difficult, no question.
    Hope today goes well for you.

  2. It's been OK, thanks, Sonja.
    J x